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Cedar from the Altai region

Cedar from the Altai region  For thousands of years the cedar considers to be a unique heat isolating material. More over perfect structure and wood pattern win without a rival other woods. Without any problems the cedar survive in nasty weather; the house, made from cedar would be always warm, comfortable and pleasant to live in.

As a rule, the cedar wood emits the biologically active disinfectant agents, which are able to cure different diseases: headaches, illnesses of the respiratory tracts, nervous tension and so on. The air is full of healing power in the houses, made from cedar, and different viruses can’t survive in this atmosphere.

Due to its disinfectant properties, the cedar wood is not afraid of decay, cracking and can keep a nice appearance for long years. Pinkish-yellow color gives to cedar products an unusual, unique beauty. The cedar is strong to corrosion, chemical impacts, more over its smell scares away the insects, but at the same time in the cedar hives the bees settle willingly.

One more advantage of the cedar is its strength. The specialists claim that the cedar wood is much stronger than steel! And really, people have lived in the cedar houses generation after generation.
One more pro is that the cedar has low gummosity; that is why it is an ideal building material for saunas and baths.

As the cedar is softwood, it can be used for decorative carving. Due to its disinfectant properties, in Ural and Siberia people make the cedar dishes for milk. More over the cedar wood has excellent resonant features and is used while making musical instruments.
So, a wooden house generously bestows us with vital force, which the tree accumulates for 300-400 years.

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