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Glued laminated timber wooden house main advantages

Glued laminated timber wooden house main advantages  Glued laminated beams production. The dried boards are shaved on all four sides to ensure accurate geometry. Then the boards are glued together under pressure with a special glue, which does not affect the air permeability of the wood. Glue gets deep in the wood pores under pressure, thus providing a strong connection.

Boards are put to each other by the opposite sides so that the structure directions of each board rotate from one to another. Due to what glued laminated wood becomes stronger than normal, and sustainable to moisture. After the boards are glued together into one beam, this beam passes four-sized profiling machine and gets profile, then the profiled beams are cut into elements of desired sizes.

Glued laminated timber - is a solid building material used for walls of houses. Its strength exceeds the strength of the walls made of brick and concrete. Wooden construction is on 50-70% stronger than structures made from whole trees. Glued laminated timber does not change its shape over time. Grooves and ridges of the beams rigidly fix each element in the wall. Glued laminated timber has minimal shrinkage in height. It does not crack or twist. This material is highly resistant to rot and insect infestation because of high quality facial surfaces.

Architectural freedom in wood. Technology glued beams give incredible space in the project design and construction of wooden houses, this material allows us to increase the size of the support structure beams and sizes of the windows.
Esthetics. Glued laminated timber has no cracks or knots. High fire safety and fire-resistant properties of glued laminated timber is higher than it may seem at first glance, or one would expect from flammable material. The fire resistance is up to F30, F60, F90 standards, depending on the calculated static of the elements.

Good soundproofing. Depending on the design of all layers of flooring it can be up to 66 dB. Seismic resistance. Thanks to the connection and binding of the construction elements wooden building is not afraid of vertical but also horizontal-shear vibrations.

Energy saving. Due to the "warm" surface temperature and good insulating properties of wood may reduce the heating temperature by several degrees. In addition, the tree has the best properties of heat accumulation and provides reliable protection from heat in summer.

Wide internal space. By glued laminated timber use, compared with log, the owner of the wooden house gets more usable living space at home.

The ideal indoor climate. The wooden house has always maintained a unique microclimate due to its ability to absorb the smells, excessive moisture, or give it away, when the room dry up. Dwelling of wood flavored with essential oils and resins, has an antiseptic effect, inherent in this type of tree. In the tree are found useful for human and animal organisms, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

Cost of construction. Glued laminated timber elements significantly reduce construction time. Glued laminated beam houses, like all wood, have less weight than stone or brick - the weight of a laminated board is about 400 kg / cubic meter, and therefore do not require deep and heavy foundations.

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