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How to Avoid Moisture Damage

How to Avoid Moisture Damage  Recently, downtown city people choose wood to have most dominant buildings. This is because of the advantage emerged when wood is used as the house material. Wood framing is known as comfortable and economcal concerning the climate. It helps the home owner to feel the warmth in winter and the cold in summer.

The real advantage of wood beside comfort and insulation, it is very situable for the building very good. But it also has drawback regarding the nature of natural product called moisture. The danger of moisture damage in wooden buildings is always great. It is shown from a field study conducted in 1995. It was revealed that the percentage of moisture is about 82%. Finnished wood house, that were built after 1950, have serious moisture damages.

It becomes so clear that moisture damage is sturdily linked with each way of building. The greatest moisture problem of houses was cellar walls leaking, pipe leaking, and ageing of roofing. The building placement also makes contribution to the level of damage. High above ground level location influences the time of damage happens.

For this kind of damage, manufactures and experts have worked out the way out of the entire problem. For most part, damage to roofs and pipes has been successfully solved. While floor structures, joint between the floor, foundation and exterior wall, and wet areas are the most difficult details of the moisture technical design of a wooden house.
The way of handling moisture damage is started from the grand design. By working on the careful design, construction and maintenance of wood as the house structure, the house will stay longer. When its structures are properly protected, wood is a long-lasting and reliable material that creates luxury, warmth and coziness in our housing environment.

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